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Partner Services

Pano Logic partners have completed a rigorous technical training course to become Pano Certified. Pano Certified partners are ready to help you with all aspects of your Pano virtual desktop deployment.

Partner services can include:

Evaluation and piloting of virtual desktop deployment planning

  • Site assessments
  • User workload surveys
  • P2V migration planning
  • Business continuity planning
  • User and IT training
  •  VMware and Citrix training
  •  Pano System training

Ongoing service and management of your Pano Systems

  •  On call support
  •  Platform and Pano System patching and upgrades
  •  DR/BC support and migration

Pano System deployments

  •  Server installation
  •  Software setup and configuration
  •  Desktop Virtual machine (DVM) collections
  •  Provisioning users
  •  Creating DVM templates
  •  Windows installation and optimization
  •  Application installation and optimization
  •  Pano Zero Client deployment
  •  Pano Remote and Pano Gateway setup

One key offering available from Pano Certified partners is the QuickStart service – designed to help customers just starting out with Pano virtual desktop deployment. The QuickStart service helps you quickly and efficiently complete the planning and evaluation steps needed for a successful virtual desktop technical evaluation and pilot program.

Quickstart Services

This one day on-site service provides the assistance and expertise needed to help you evaluate how Pano System vircan deliver dramatic savings in total cost of ownership (TCO) using the Pano System Starter Kit.

The QuickStart service enables your IT staff to quickly and cost-effectively leverage the expertise and best practices available from your local Pano Certified partner, helping to accurately evaluate their virtual desktop deployment plans without demanding more of their limited time and resources.

The Quick Start service includes:

Test plan development and site assessment.

  •  Use case and workload selection and documentation.
  •  Setup of virtualization platform and Pano System software on your test server.
  •  Deployment of the Starter Kit’s four Pano Zero Clients on your LAN.
  •  Provisioning and optimization of up to four test desktop virtual machines.

 Working with your staff and users to test virtual desktop performance with different use cases, workloads and deployment scenarios.After testing is completed, our certified partners can also help you assess the results and model the TCO savings and productivity benefits of deploying Pano Zero Clients and virtual desktops.

Key benefits of the Quick Start service include:

Complete a comprehensive evaluation without delays or distractions

  •  Ensure tests reflect optimal configurations and realistic workloads
  •  Build staff understanding of best practices in virtual desktops or virtualization platform
  •  Expose users to virtual desktop benefits and capabilities
  •  Reduce demands evaluations place on support and technical staff
  •  Model TCO savings to quantify and convey benefits to your management