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Maptech has partnered with data centers located in German and USA. We have a team of dedicated Linux professionals from India managing our dedicated servers 24×7 at USA and Germany.

Anti Spam Protection Techniques:

Specialized on Anti Spam SMTP proxy (ASSP Deluxe), stops unsolicited email (UCE) and virus at the SMTP server. ASSP Deluxe is the official ASSP product to use ASSP on cPanel. Currently ASSP Deluxe for cPanel is used on over one thousand cPanel servers while ASSP is installed in over 6000 servers worldwide (Global Stats). ASSP includes RBL, Bayesian filter, HELO, SPF, PTR, MX & A record checks, an advanced Penalty box, Delaying , URIBL , BombRe, automatic whitelisting, SPAM Scoring mode, Sender base checks, Country check, antivirus integration, SPAM reports, high end spam box collection, tags, set smtp connection limits (outgoing/incoming) , set limits for attachment, a secured password protected. Our Advance Anti spam Solution quarantines 90% of junk mails. Daily spam email reports are sent to every email user.

Customized email policy for incoming and outgoing mails :

We design email policies conforming to the requirement of the customer on – rule based forwarding (both incoming & outgoing emails), message size restriction, attachment extension filtering, Outgoing “Boss copy” forwarding

Archive scanning :

We have gained expertise in introducing new scripts at EXIM level to scan EXE in zip file attachments and block them if found malicious.